Keep IT!

Coming from a true hoarder

….keep containers, boxes, packages anything that could easily hold something.  I don’t know how many times I have regretted throwing a box away that could have been modified to hold nick knacks, office supplies, etc.  

  • The tip is to not leave it out in the open.  This not only starts to create clutter, but if someone else walks in they will probably think it’s garbage/recycling and sadly throw it away. 
  • I personally keep my things hidden away in a SMALL container, because if the container is too large you will continue to pile in things that will eventually be of no use.  The small container allows you to have a limit, so once it’s full and you have something else to add, you can sift through the box and think, “Do I really need a candy cane package?”.  
  • Sadly…that is my case.  I get so attached to things after seeing so many cute DIY’s you can’t help but think, ‘I will do this one day’, and it’s completely fine to do that, but don’t over do it :)